It's Time To Act

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Technically speaking, I'm supposed to write this blog about technology, but not today. Matters tech just seem far too trivial, although you could argue that technology could have averted this tremendous loss of human life, as the count climbs higher and higher. Numbers my teeny brain finds impossible to comprehend.

I can only imagine the tremendous frustration felt by scientists around the globe after the earthquake hit, and it became clear that the potential for this oceanic apocalypse was very real. As this New York Times story reports, both technology and bureaucracy failed us Dec. 26.

As I did after 9/11, I've been purposely avoiding the television coverage. But I've seen photos of what tsunamis do in Hawaii, where my mother lives, and where they are a way of life.

As I wonder how to celebrate this somber New Year's Eve, I feel just a bit lighter at heart after reading how the
donations have been flooding in
from ordinary folk like you and me.

Slowly but surely the high-tech industry also has begun to respond. Some, like Apple, chose to basically set aside their usual online activities and dedicate their entire home page to information about the relief effort. Unfortunately, this disaster could not have come at a worse time, as many Silicon Valley vendors are, of course, shut down between Christmas and New Year's Day to save money. I challenge those reopening Jan. 3 to step up and remember their duty to mankind and not just shareholders.

I'm also eager to hear how the channel will act. If you haven't donated yet, my money will be going to Oxfam International (I'm hoping my employer will match). This link also contains a larger list of organization accepting donations.

To all those affected by this catastrophe, I send out my sincere condolences. And I hope that 2005 brings both speedy relief for the citizens of Asia and peace around the world.

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