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Four Ways to Cash in on Convergence

Businesses of all sizes are turning to converged systems and solutions to reduce costs, roll out IT services faster, increase uptime and streamline IT operations. Benefits like these create a compelling case for the use of converged systems and solutions — from small businesses and remote offices to large data centers and web-scale service providers.

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Whitepaper – How to Cash in on Convergence

The market for converged systems is surging. Worldwide converged systems market revenues increased 10.8 percent year over year to $2.99 billion during the third quarter of 2017, according to IDC. The market consumed 1.96 exabytes of new storage capacity during the quarter, which was up 30 percent compared to the same period a year ago.1 These sales trends point to a lucrative opportunity for Dell EMC partners, including system integrators, value-added resellers, and technology partners. If you’re a Dell EMC partner or a prospective partner, this is an ideal time to explore your opportunities to ramp up your sales of converged systems and solutions.

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Improving Energy Efficiency in the SAP® Smart Connected Business

Dell EMC and INTENSE AG help your organization bring together the components of an end-to-end solution that enables your efforts to use energy more efficiently across your facilities and throughout your operations. This energy optimization solution, summarized in this paper, brings together the mass data capabilities of the SAP HANA® platform, the analytical intelligence and integrational capabilities of the INTENSE EES software suite, and the powerful data collection and processing capabilities of Dell EMC infrastructure.

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