How To Show ROI on a Tablet Solution

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Tablet computers are making their way into the corporate world. From iPads to Android devices, tablets are becoming the tech equipment of choice, even for workers who don't neet an ultra-portable devie. Indeed, often the devices' popularity is driven by want, rather than need. Here, Brian Swanson, president of
SRV Network,
shows how to IT solution providers can meet the wants of their customers' employees.
— Jennifer D. Bosavage, editor

When considering a tablet purchase, customers want to be sure that they are getting the most bang for the buck. With so many options out there (and new technology being developed every day), people are hesitant to make a big-ticket purchase without being assured that there will be a return on their investment. And, in most cases, there are clear benefits that tablets offer, all of which can provide simple and profitable solutions for everyone from the road-warrior to the sommelier.

Consider the following ways that tablets can offer ROIs to businesses:

Tablets simplify the sell. Sales teams no longer need to fumble with presentation material before the big meeting. With tablets, setup is simple and speedy, and presentations can be performed anywhere, whether it’s at a coffee shop, on the train, or during a flight layover. Professionalism and technical know-how are key qualities that impress during those first crucial sales meetings, and with a tablet on board, sales teams are able to take their presentation to the next level and land the big account. With a tablet, users can work with a custom app that allows their presentation to always be at their fingertips, even without an Internet connection.

The tablet is reliable and powerful when it comes to battery power. Users can perform multiple presentations throughout the day, without ever having to worry about recharging or fumbling with battery cords. It’s easy to see how this offers a ROI for users: more presentations mean more business.

Tablets are interactive and offer a host of valuable applications. With a tablet, you can easily interact with others during a meeting. You can pass the presentation and allow people to be hands-on with it. And with detailed sales applications such as CRM, users can tap into whatever programs they desire without having to use a PC or laptop.

Tablets offer information at the touch of a button. Tablets can also be used to improve business-to-consumer relationships. Many restaurants are now using tablets to help provide more comprehensive information to their customers. For example, instead of trying to memorize every detail on extensive wine lists, servers and sommeliers can use the tablet to help describe and illustrate intricate details of each wine, right down to the grape’s origin and regional history.

By revolutionizing the way that people do business, tablets can help to simplify and streamline users’ day-to-day lives. Everything from business meetings to sales presentations to wine selection can become faster and more convenient than ever before. Invaluable ROIs such as these make the tablet a must for almost every business professional.

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