The Daily App: Totes m' Notes for iPad

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The daily app, Totes m' Notes

Note-taking can be a highly personal thing, and everybody records notes differently. The beauty of today’s Daily App is that it adapts to individual user preferences as long as the overall goal is organization. Totes m' Notes is a free productivity app for iPad and iPhone by The Incredible Minotaurs that's simple and fun to use.

Like the many note-taking apps out there, Totes m' Notes is an excellent tool for creating notes that are neat, concise and effective. It provides folders for organizing notes by subject, and folders sit nicely on a bookshelf for quick access. A piece of scrap notebook paper is used for the note-taking screen and includes handy widgets on the side for a calculator, measurement converter and writing instruments such as pen, pencil and marker. You can even doodle in the margins if you get bored.

One of the best features of this app is the ability to easily share your notes via e-mail with colleagues, a boss or meeting attendees. There’s also a backup feature with a reminder. A Facebook widget allows quick updates to your Facebook status. Fun features include the ability to customize each folder with graphics and designs.

Whether you need to take notes during a meeting, organize your thoughts on a project or keep your resume up to date, Totes m' Notes is committed to keeping your writing in order.

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