The Daily App: JotNot for iPhone

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The daily app, JotNot

Shocking as it may seem, scanners can now be considered old school, along with fax machines. With the right apps, these technologies can be rolled into one device, an iPhone. With JotNot, smartphones can take pictures of receipts, whiteboards and documents, and users can print or share them with their colleagues. JotNot has multiple apps, including JotNot Scanner and JotNot Fax, that are handy tools for the executive on the go.

The JotNot Scanner is easy to use and delivers stunning picture quality. After the photograph is taken, the app then creates a blue box around the picture for automatic edge detection. Once the image is set, it takes about 30 seconds for the auto-correct function to take effect, and after the process has completed, a perfect replication of your document is right on your phone and ready for sharing, printing or filing. JotNot offers features such as camera stabilization, automatic backup and multiple-page support, which conveniently scans multiple documents into a single PDF.

For faxing those PDFs, JotNot Fax turns an iPhone or iPad into a portable fax machine. Once a PDF document from the scanner has been created, JotNot Fax asks for a destination phone number. Just hit send and your fax is sent. JotNot Scanner and JotNot Fax are free, but faxing requires credits, which are calculated based on the number of pages and the fax number.

This app is quick and convenient. A JotNot ScannerPro version is offered for $0.99, which offers password protection, Dropbox access and allows manual light and contrast correction. JotNot Fax can only be used with the iPhone.

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