The Daily App: Waze For iPhone, Android

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Waze for iPhone, Android

With social networking firmly entrenched in our culture, social trafficking might be next. Today's Daily App helps eliminate a universal nuisance. Waze is a free GPS navigation tool for Android and iPhone with a main purpose of helping users avoid traffic jams. Waze helps drivers navigate through congested traffic and provides an accurate ETA based on information coming in from fellow Waze users, which it refers to as "Wazers."

When your vehicle slows down, Waze pops up and asks if you're stuck in traffic. Optionally, the driver can specify accident, hazard or other type of slowdown. Using this data, the system calculates ETAs and optimal routes, and it delivers hands-free voice commands and turn-by-turn navigation. You can even chit-chat with other Wazers to find out how the road is looking up ahead.

Location data can be shared via text or email, with the option of checking into Foursquare. Once the user's location is shared, recipients can be directed to the Wazer's location. The app is an excellent resource for commuters, field service technicians, salespeople and any busy mobile professional. And, it presents a fun interface that's quick and easy to learn.

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