The Daily App: DocuSign Ink for Android, iOS

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Waze for iPhone, Android

Tired of the hassles involved with printing, scanning and faxing a document simply to give it your John Hancock? Today’s Daily App is DocuSign Ink, a free tool for Android and iOS that lets you sign any document from the screen of an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

DocuSign Ink works with Google Docs and takes what’s usually a multi-step process that can take up to a half an hour or more and reduces it to two steps, with an e-signature that’s ready in only a few moments. Once you've used DocuSign Ink to create a digital signature, simply sign in with your Gmail account, and it links with your Google Docs files. Then, with a push of a button, a signature is digitally added to any document. The e-signature can be re-sized or moved as needed, and you have the option of adding a date, check mark, annotations and/or initials. Signed documents are stored locally, and original Google Docs are untouched.

DocuSign Ink is a useful tool for professionals, landlords, realtors and salespeople or anyone that signs documents. It's well suited for signing contracts, lease agreements and NDAs. And, it makes life easier while helping to decrease paper waste. Paid versions are available starting at $14.99 for Salesforce and other specialized verticals.

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