The Daily App: Concur for Android, Blackberry, iOS

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The daily app, Concur for Android, Blackberry, iOS

For professionals who are familiar with the tedious process and tiny slips of paper associated with filing expense reports, today’s Daily App might have a solution. Concur is a free app for Android, Blackberry and iOS that synthesizes business travel, business expense reporting and receipt management through QuickBooks.

Key features of Concur include its ability to sync credit card charges automatically from account to expense reports. It also lets you snap pictures of receipts, view travel itineraries, make hotel and car reservations and itemize hotel charges.

A user must have a pre-existing online account to access Concur, which only takes moments set up. Once the app is installed on a mobile device, the user logs in with an email address and establishes a mobile PIN as a password. The icon toolbar allows users to navigate through the app to add expenses, receipts and mileage, and to sync a credit card account. The expense trip icon syncs with the travel site Tripit for booking flights. Concur also syncs with GateGuru and Metr0, for tracking real-time flight status and local transportation information.

Concur is well suited for the busy executive or any traveler that needs to easily retain records of travel costs. It eradicates the shuffling of paper receipts and bundles traveling expenses into one place for quick and organized expense reports.

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