The Daily App: Memeo Connect For iPhone, iPad

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The daily app, Memeo

Here at the CRN Test Center, Google Docs is a central part of our workflow, as are tablets and mobile devices. So when an app comes along that allows us to unite these apparatus, we pounce on it. Today's Daily App is one such tool.

Memeo Connect

is a free app for iOS that can open and view Google Docs word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and PDF files whether online or off from an iPhone or iPad.

Perusing through Memeo Connect provides visually appealing animations, particularly in the iPad, along with the ability to customize the UI with themes. Mimicking Google Docs online organization, the files are grouped by today, yesterday, earlier this week, month and year. To add an extra layer of organization, the toolbar also includes an "owned by me" and "opened by me," as well as a "shared with me" folders. The files download quickly, and it also has a background mode, which lets users continue working while it syncs.

Unfortunately, at this time Memeo Connect is a read-only app, so users cannot edit or create new documents. But on the bright side, the designers are coming out with Memeo Connect Editor, where users will be able to create, edit and share documents with the same ease that the app currently provides.

For organizations like ours, Google Docs is an essential part of the workday; it affords us a productivity that other products simply can't approach. Memeo Connect is a Daily App that could easily find its way into our daily lives.

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