The Daily App: ScanBizCards For Android, iPhone, iPad

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Part of great networking is exchanging business cards, and keeping track of those cards is key. ScanBizCards gives Android and iOS users the ability to scan and store business card contacts directly into their phone's address book. It’s also the only business card reader relevant to the iPad, providing real-time backup to the cloud.

ScanBizCards offers over 30 unique features. It sets itself apart from other apps with its ability to orientate text automatically, support over 20 languages, send a quick introduction email and a LinkedIn invite, forward the card information, and save each new card to the cloud using a feature called Web Sync.

The best feature ScanBizCards provides is its filing system. It’s the only card reader that stores double-sided images and transcribes the card's contact information directly into the address book. Users also have the option to pay for 100 percent accurate human transcription.

The apps versatility does not end there; it also has an equally integrated online interface that allows users to upload images of multiple cards from a flatbed scanner and then categorize those cards and contacts into separate folders.

The free ScanBizCards app offers seamless use of the cloud, in which contacts are instantly added to the upgraded version when purchased.

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