The Daily App: Power Contacts For iOS

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ScanBiz Mobile Solutions, which makes a great business card scanning app for Android and iOS, makes another app for busy mobile users called Power Contacts. This one bundles popular productivity apps into a single convenient workspace.

Power Contacts can combine Excel CSV, Outlook, Gmail, Mac Address Book, Yahoo Mail, Jigsaw and calendar events with contact follow ups, and it supports Google, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, Mac Address Book and Windows Live Mail. Users can export contacts to and from their email accounts, follow up with a contact and keep a record of client interactions.

As covered previously by The Daily App, Evernote, which allows data exporting, and LinkedIn, the business networking app, are all accessible through Power Contacts. The ability to link apps such as these provides users with a way to access their commonly used apps quickly and conveniently.

The app’s interface is just as nifty as the app itself. Each app is synced through the settings. The user simply enters their username and password and is then able to access each apps information through Power Contacts. The bottom toolbar provides icons for favorites, a universal contact list and the calendar that accesses and bundles Outlook, iCal and Google Calendar. Lastly, the history icon keeps track of all interactions, and just in case anything is deleted, the trash icon keeps record of it all for easy retrieval.

iOS users can download this convenient app for $4.99 in the iTunes app store.


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