The Daily App: Brainscape For iPad

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The daily app, BrainScape

If repetition is the mother of all learning, then flash cards are the baby's formula for success. Brainscape uses repetition intervals and a confidence breakdown method to help users learn subjects fast.

Investing time and effort into studying is encouraged by this app’s simple interface. The tool bar at the bottom of the screen consists of five icons: Library, Search, Market, Stats and More.

The Library section provides free flash cards and consists of three subjects: Foreign Languages, Knowledge Junkie and Standardized Tests. Each subject has various topics to choose from and provides users with flash cards. Each individual flash card has either a definition or a word on it, followed by the answer and a scale of understanding from one to five, with well-known questions dropping out of the cycle.

The Market consists of the same subjects as the Library, although the material covered provides more in depth questions and includes subjects such as verb conjugation, tenses, fundamental concepts and theories. Topics cost between $0.99 and $7.99.

Brainscape can also be accessed on the web, where users have the ability to create their own flashcard sets, providing them with the ability to sync their sets to the app itself.

Whether you're a student studying for an exam or a professional learning a new language, Brainscape allows you to go at your own pace while helping you learn through the tested method of repetition.


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