The Daily App: USPS Mobile for Android, iOS

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The daily app, USPS

If you’re a small business owner and you’re finding yourself trapped in the post office more often than not, then look to the United State Postal Service's free USPS Mobile for Android and iOS. It provides instant access to the most popular post office tools and activities right from a smartphone or tablet.

From the main screen, a grid of icons lets you find post offices and collection boxes, look up zip codes, calculate prices, schedule pickups, order supplies, scan labels and use the track and confirm tool.

There's also the calculate-a-price tool, which determines how much postage is needed for a card, letter or package and has the ability to choose retail or online pricing, add extra services and view a total at the end. The track-and-confirm tool allows shipments to be nicknamed to easily track and identify packages. Cameras on an iPhone 3G, iPad 1 and iPod Touch can scan the shipping label barcodes to identify a shipment, store the label number and stay on top of delivery status.

USPS is a simple, free tool that adds convenience to a busy day and can help eliminate trips to the post office.

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