The Daily App: Corkulous For iOS

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The daily app, Corkulous

Despite high-tech solutions that make lives easier, there's sometimes comfort in using old-fashioned methods for increasing productivity. Appigo, which builds productivity apps for iOS, offers one called Corkulous, which gives a modern twist to the old-school corkboard.

Corkulous for iOS is a free app that implements a virtual corkboard onto which sticky notes, labels, tasks, contacts and photos can be dragged. The tool helps to organize thoughts, keep spirits high with encouraging quotes or study for an exam. Whatever a sticky note can do, Corkulous does, without the hundreds of little pieces of physical paper sticking around.

Adding items to the corkboard is simple. There is a little filing cabinet at the bottom left corner of the screen where the icons can be dragged and dropped onto the corkboard. Once the cabinet is swiped open, tools can be added to the corkboard by dragging and dropping the icons to the desired spot.

To edit a note, simply tap the text and a toolbar will pop up. To resize an image tap and drag the bottom right corner of the box. Since the corkboard is about three times larger than the device’s screen, items can be dragged and dropped anywhere on the board.

To delete objects, either draw a box around the unwanted area of notes and tap the trash can icon to throw it all way or click on a single image and press delete. Corkulous can save finished corkboards as an image or PDF file and send them via email. Corkulous Pro costs $1.99 and supports multiple corkboards.


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