The Daily App: TrustCall for Android, Blackberry, iOS

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The daily app, Trustcall

“Is this line secure?” A well known phrase to sci-fi movie lovers, these words need not be spoken by government agents, heads-of-state and security conscious executives equipped with today's Daily App. TrustCall is an app for Android, Blackberry and iOS devices that works with hardware in an SD card slot to create encrypted voice communication from end-to-end. There's also a TrustText app for SMS.

The solutions are built by security developer KoolSpan, whose TrustChip family of plug-in mobile security solutions make this futuristic concept a reality that's simple to implement. TrustCall works through KoolSpan’s TrustChip, a removable flash memory (microSD) card that's inserted into mobile devices on either end of the call. The chip provides military-grade encryption to protect any device from cyber hacking through a self-contained structure; no "man-in-the-middle" are required, and keys are built into the chip.

Designed for government and enterprise customers, TrustChip provides high-quality voice transmission with low latency. It works with GSM and Wi-Fi and is FIPS 140-2 validated. The peer-to-peer authentication is secure to CUI level with no over-the-air key exchange. TrustCall integrates with the phone's address book and authenticates prior to establishing the call. To maximize battery life, encryption is only activated when communicating with another secure phone.

TrustCall also aids in BYOD implementation, offering the benefits of an off-the-shelf encryption solution that works with most popular smartphones. But, powerful encryption technology isn't available to just anyone. Find out if your company qualifies.


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