The Daily App: Pocket For Android, iOS

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The daily app, Pocket

For the mobile pro whose bookmark page is cluttered with unread articles, today’s Daily App, Pocket by Idea Shower, might be for you. A free app for Android and iOS, Pocket saves and syncs almost anything from the web to a mobile device.

Pocket syncs articles, web pages, images and videos and allows them to be viewed at any time, even without Internet connection. Anything found on the web, in an email box or linked to from apps like Twitter, Flipboard, Pulse and Zite can be synced with Pocket.

Once an online account is created and the site is bookmarked on a web browser, adding to Pocket is simple. By clicking the bookmarked link, whatever is being viewed will be instantly saved and synced to the app on a mobile device. Adding to Pocket from a mobile device is done through email. Simply tap the share/email button, add the "getpocket" email address and the item will be sent to Pocket for future viewing.

The graphically appealing grid layout and "filter by content" feature provide optimal organization, listing items by image, video and traditional text. Items can be tagged by tapping a pencil button at the top right of the screen. This method of organization is similar to using folders, but it also allows items to be associated with multiple topics or categories. There's also a field for searching by title or URL, but in-text search is not available.

Unlike similar apps we've seen, Pocket provides free offline syncing and is not confusing or difficult to use.


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