The Daily App: SayHi Translate For iOS

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The Daily App, SayHi

Learning to say hello in a different language is easy, but translating the rest of the language can be a challenge. For less than a buck, app developer SayHi makes speaking a foreign language as easy as speaking your own.

SayHi Translate for iOS is a $0.99 translation app that offers a simple and straightforward layout. The bottom of the screen displays an English button, set as the default primary language, and a Spanish button, set as the default secondary language. Either can be switched to any of the 33 offered languages, including Arabic, French, German and Swedish, as well as dialects such as Mexican Spanish.

To start, simply press the primary language button and speak directly into the phone. The spoken sentence is then instantly translated and dictated back in the foreign language using a computer generated voice, accent included. Translated and original texts are also displayed on the screen. Text to be translated can also be entered using the keyboard. Internet connection is required.

Translated phrases can be spoken back in a male or female voice and made slower or faster. Common questions and other favorite phrases can be saved for quick access, and a pop-up menu makes it easy to mark favorites and share or play them back.


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