The Daily App: Opera For Android, Blackberry, iOS

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The Daily App, OperaMini

The people at Opera Software believe that Web access is a universal right. And to help make it so, they've developed the Opera Mini browser for Android, Blackberry and iOS.

The Opera Mini browser comes in handy when a device is not connected to Wi-Fi or while a device's data roaming is enabled because the free Web browser compresses data traffic by 90 percent and uses a small amount of memory, which makes Web browsing much faster than Apple's default browser, for example.

The easy-to-use interface opens with a grid of most-visited websites. An icon at the bottom of the screen brings up another grid toolbar for bookmarks, history, the start page, saved pages and settings.

Breaking from convention, users can zoom in or out on a page by tapping, as opposed to pinching, using the apps’ responsive touchscreen capabilities. As many as 38 pages can be open at a time. When multiple pages are open, they are represented by thumbnails at the bottom of the page and can be switched with the flick of a finger. The Opera Link feature syncs bookmarks and other browser data with a desktop PC or other mobile device.


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