The Daily App: Google Wallet For Android

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The Daily App, Google Wallet

Cash or credit? This familiar question may now be phrased as cash, credit or smartphone? Google Wallet replaces credit cards and establishes secure payments with Android smartphones.

Supporting all major credit cards and some gift cards, Google Wallet stores all financial transactions and credit card information securely on the cloud. The free password protected app works by transmitting payments through near field communication (NFC) technology, which works by relaying data between two objects that are within touching distance of each other. As long as the terminal supports NFC or PayPass then payment can be achieved.

New users of Google Wallet will be asked to set a four-digit pin. Adding cards may be done through the app or online, by entering the credit card number, expiration date, CSV, name, address and phone number. To use Google Wallet, just as one would a PayPass credit card, simply wake the phone and press it to the terminal; the phone will then ask for the pin, followed by selecting credit on the terminal. A confirmation message will appear once the transaction has been completed. Payment will be made with the default card, unless otherwise specified.

This technology is only available on Android Smartphones and some Sprint and Virgin mobile devices. Google Wallet is currently not available for the iPhone, and it most likely will not become so because NFC chips, the technology needed to support this type of payment, have not been implemented into the iPhone’s manufacturing.


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