The Daily App: YouTube For iOS (Not)

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The Daily App, YouTube app

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Yesterday, Apple announced that it will drop YouTube from iOS 6 beta 4. The app had been part of the iPhone/iPad pre-loaded app package since 2007.

For current iOS devices, the YouTube app provides one of the few outlets for watching Flash videos on iOS devices, but it’s far from user friendly. The app hasn’t been updated since its release, and it has had a plethora of user complaints ranging from not being able to see or reply to top comments to issues with properly viewing other channels to content filters not working consistently across mobile and desktop versions.

This seemingly useless app is not going to be missed on the new iPhone 6, especially when it’s already easier and more efficient to watch embedded videos on YouTube's mobile website.

Dropping YouTube is good for two reasons. It presents Google with an opportunity to make a well needed upgrade, and it prevents people from using a subpar app in the meantime.


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