The Daily App: Trip Journal For iOS, Mac OS X

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The Daily App, Trip Journal

If managing travel- and mileage-related data for fleet vehicles is the goal, few apps get there more easily and completely than Trip Journal for Business, from Canadian game- and utility-maker Sprightly Software.

With versions for Mac OS X ($29.99) and iPad/iPhone ($14.99), Trip Journal for Business simplifies the capture of data critical to business-travel record keeping for accounting and tax purposes. Fixed fields include those for dates and times, starting and ending points, odometer readings, fuel and other related expenses, travel purpose and comments.

Trip Journal presents a simple interface that makes it easy to enter much of the relevant information for a business trip in advance with customizable defaults. Destinations can be selected from an address book or GPS coordinates. Once a trip is completed, odometer readings, GPS and other post-trip information can be added, and reports can be printed or emailed using data exported to Excel, Numbers, OpenOffice or plain csv formats. There's even support for selective export, with output from only desired fields. Field workers using the iOS version can sync with the Mac OS X version through iCloud, and Trip Journal supports multiple years and archival storage, as well as multiple vehicles that can be enabled and disabled as they enter and leave the fleet for maintenance.

Published Aug. 13, 2012

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