The Daily App: News360 For Android, iOS

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The Daily App, News360

Mornings for some can be a personal time: coffee light and sweet and two eggs over easy with rye toast. Even the morning drive for many has a personal flair. Delivering the morning news the same way is Moscow-based startup News360 and its free like-named app for Android
and iOS.

Competing with news agents such as Flipboard and Pulse, the News360 app sets itself apart by having created not just an app that provides a newsfeed of articles from Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, but one that integrates location-based news and offers customizable features that make the app more interactive.

News360 uses a ranking algorithm that measures the impact of every news source and article to provide the most relevant news for each individual. This can also be done through the cloud by flagging a story as “interesting.” There are two ways to view articles: The “All News” tab breaks down articles from predetermined categories, and the “My Interests” tab contains user-chosen categories of interest.

News360 also shares local news based on the devices GPS location, and when connected to travel app TripIt, it shows news from the upcoming destination. Also, versions for Blackberry Playbook, Windows and Web browsers are available.


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