The Daily App: Alarm Xtreme Free For Android

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The Daily App, AlarmXtreme

There are two kinds of people in the world: the perpetually late and those with an alarm clock. Helping put more people into the latter category is a San Francisco-based startup Angle Labs and its Alarm Xtreme Free for Android, a free and full-featured alarm clock app. Going far beyond the basic mission of playing a noise at a predetermined time, Alarm Xtreme Free turns wake-up time into a personal experience that can be customized for exactly the way a person needs to wake up.

A blaring alarm clock’s intrusion with it’s incessant beeping can be worse than some nightmares, especially after having pulled an all-nighter. Alarm Xtreme Free uses gradually increasing alarm volume to gently arouse groggy non-morning people. With an extra large snooze button and various snooze settings, they will also get peace of mind; the snooze options include setting the snooze to decrease in time, setting a max number of snoozes and shaking the phone to dismiss the alarm.

Math problems have put many to sleep, but how about using them to prevent slumber? Consider not being able to disable the alarm until 23 minus seven has been solved, which could certainly make falling back asleep difficult. Alarm Xtreme Free can be downloaded from Google Play and the ad-free version is available for $1.99.


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