The Daily App: Free Graphing Calculator For iOS

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The Daily App, Free Graphing Calculator

Today's Daily App isn't just for high school students in trigonometry class. Business people and financial analysts who understand the benefits of a graphing calculator will appreciate Free Graphing Calculator for iOS, a sturdy app from independent developer William Jockusch that brings the capability to iPad, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS 4.0 or later.

This free instant download not only provides most of the same functions as graphing calculators that can cost upwards of $80 dollars or more, but includes tons of additional functions that enhance its ability to save time and money.

Scientific calculator functions include arithmetic, exponentiation and root functions, including square root, cube root and nth root, as well as natural log, log base 10 and log of arbitrary base. It allows users to graph as many as four equations at once as well as to label graphs, drag graphs or pinch to zoom in or out, and find the roots and intersections of graphs. You won't get that with this year's model from Texas Instruments.

It also offers a unit converter and can help with subjects other than math, such as physics with its scientific calculations for constants, like the speed of light and the strength of the gravity at the Earth’s surface. The Free Graphing Calculator can also create tables from the values of any function that's entered. And, it provides formulas, such as those for double-angles.


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