The Daily App: SureLock For Android, iOS

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The Daily App, SureLock

The primary concerns with providing employees company products are productivity and restricting the device’s application use. Helping to create these gadget limitations for a mobile workforce is device management tools maker 42Gears Mobility Systems and its SureLock Kiosk Lockdown for Android and iOS.

SureLock Kiosk Lockdown launches automatically at the device's startup and runs only administrator-approved applications; it also hides the home button and bottom bar. For Android, limitations include, for example, only searching the Web, blocking the ability to play games or preventing the change of system settings. For iOS, the limitations also include blocking FaceTime, Siri or In-App purchases. The administrator also can control access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, audio and orientation settings.

The CRN Test Center took a look at customizing SureLock for Android devices, and the installation was simple. After a pop-up window asks for the administrator to enter the default password 0000, which can later be changed to a personal combination, the setting window follows app managements and shortcuts, and then the import/export features are configured. Once the apps have been chosen, the home screen will then only include those apps. The trial version allows selection of two apps.


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