The Daily App: SpokenLayer For iOS

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The Daily App, SpokenLayer

If commuting to work seems like the most unproductive part of the day, today’s Daily App could turn that trip into an information highway. SpokenLayer for iOS converts Web content into narrated audio, providing a new twist on listening to news.

Invented by CEO Will Mayo as a means to cope with his own dyslexia, SpokenLayer “lets you read the web with your ears.” It was developed at his New York City-based company, Audiois.

News articles are gathered from sources such as TechCrunch, National Journal and Engadget. Most articles are read by voice actors, while others use text-to-speech synthesis. SpokenLayer does not need a Wi-Fi or data connection.

All of the news sources are listed on the opening page, and the Recently Added tab pulls the newest articles from these sources for quick access. Once an article has been chosen, SpokenLayer instantly starts reading it aloud. An arrow next to the title either opens the article to be viewed on its original website or sends feedback through email to SpokenLayer customer service.

SpokenLayer is similar to read-it-later apps like Pocket but with the added bonus of being able to have the news read to you.


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