The Daily App: Simplenote For iOS

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The Daily App, SimpleNote

It’s a breath of fresh air when an app lives up to its name, and Simplenote for iOS does just that. With its simple and clean interface Simplenote is a note, list and idea keeper with a simple-to-use interface.

From productivity app developer Codailty and through the use of mobile-centric product developer Simperium, Simplenote is a free app that keeps productivity flowing through its synchronization between an iOS device and a computer. Simply put, notes, or any changes to notes, will be synced and stored instantly between both devices.

While instant synchronization is a great feature, the user friendliness is what we think makes Simplenote an app worth having. Creating notes is done through the text-editing screen, and the notes are listed from the date they are created on this page; if one note is more important than another, it can be pinned to the top of the list by pressing the "i" button. Aside from the text-editing screen, there are only two other windows, the home screen and one for options. The home screen lists all notes, trash and tags and also holds access to the settings window.

Some other features of Simplenote include the ability to access notes that have been deleted, with the "back in time" feature, and quickly organize notes with the use of tagging and pinning, which makes browsing through folders effortless. Notes also can be shared through email, printed or published to a webpage that is created through the Simplenote website; the URL that’s provided can then be shared and accessed by those who know it.


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