The Daily App: Bump For iOS, Android

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The Daily App, Bump

Today's Daily App gives new meaning to the old fist-bump. With Bump for Android and iOS, people can instantly share contacts, photos or other smartphone data by bumping their mobile devices together. It also can be used to exchange contacts from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and it uses these social networks to find mutual friends that are using Bump.

Developed by venture-funded startup Bump Technologies, the app functions in two parts: One part functions on the mobile device and the other part comes from the smart matching algorithm running on Bump’s servers in the cloud. Sharing is initiated when a bump is detected between two devices in the same location. Both devices must be connected to a network with Internet access through a data plan or Wi-Fi.

Bump can be used cross-platform between both Android and iOS, and sharing is possible as long as the app has been launched on both devices. Once the desired picture or contact has been selected, the two phones then gently bump together and start the transfer. A recent update allows for contacts and pictures to be bumped between a mobile device and computer, on which the space bar acts as the bump sensor.


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