The Daily App: Notice Kiosk For Android

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The Daily App, Notice Kiosk

Notice Kiosk wants to take the idea behind Craigslist to the next level. The New York City-based lifestyle app developer and its website present news of local events, job postings, items for sale, housing offers and other items of local interest. Listings are posted and consumed using apps for Android and iOS.

Common online business directories such as Craigslist require people to know what they are specifically looking for before they start a search. Notice Kiosk, on the other hand, provides a location-based search method that makes it easy to peruse the app without having a specific agenda.

Once installed, Notice Kiosk uses the device’s pinching and swiping gestures to swiftly navigate through the app. Using the device’s GPS location, the app provides an interactive map that, once an area has been chosen, will bring up an organized list with new updates, bulletins or places. The main objective of Notice Kiosk is to browse through the notice boards with as little typing as possible, although specific neighborhoods, keywords or categories can be entered.

Notice Kiosk also connects to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and LinkedIn, which provides the option of adding contacts and keeping friends updated on findings from the notice boards.


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