The Daily App: Drop Copy For iOS, Mac OS X

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The Daily App, Dropcopy

Since less is sometimes more, those looking for a simple way to move files from one iOS device to another should consider using today’s Daily App. DropCopy for Mac OS X and DropCopy Lite for iOS is a free utility app that uses Mac’s Bonjour technology to effortlessly transfer files between Apple devices.

10base-t Interactive is a New York-based networking and streaming media consulting company that created DropCopy in order to make file transfers a quick and easy process, one that works without dialogs, passwords and confirmations.

Launching DropCopy on a Mac will produce a desktop icon, which is called the DropZone. Once a file has been placed in the DropZone, a popup window will show which computers and other DropCopy users are on the same local network. Then, the desired file can be dropped to the computer, followed by the recipient receiving the file request. DropCopy also allows the exchange of Clipboard content. If the request is approved, the file will then be copied to whichever folder has been specified for DropCopy downloads. If the file transfer is to a personal computer, DropCopy can be set to receive files without approval.

DropCopy also has an on-screen messaging system that allows DropCopy recipients to communicate with one another over a LAN, which appears in a small popup window.

The free version of DropCopy can be used on up to three Macs; a $5 Pro version supports 10 computers; and an unlimited version is available for $25.


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