The Daily App: Weather Flow For Windows Phone 8

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The Daily App, Weather Flow

We at the CRN Test Center have a penchant for apps that do their jobs well. And that's usually good enough for us. What's great about today's Daily App is that it does that and then some. Weather Flow, by independent developer Gergely Orosz, is a beautiful app that does a fantastic job of leveraging the unique features of Windows Phone 8 while it capably forecasts the weather.

Apps of this nature are a dime a dozen and have had enduring popularity since apps and smartphones joined forces. So what does a $1.99 weather app have to do to warrant that price in a crowded market? It needs to work, and this one does.

Weather Flow grants access to hourly and weekly forecasts in a variety of ways. Users can set up Weather Flow on the lock screen to reflect the current weather condition, temperature and current, daily or weekly forecasts. The information is presented purely at the top screen, segmenting itself nicely from the notifications that float at the bottom of Windows Phone's lock screen. Beyond this, Weather Flow has a variety of options for Live Tiles as well. For travelers, this can come in handy, allowing them to set individual Live Tiles for various cities on their home screen. In this fashion, jetsetters can quickly make sure they are packing the right clothes for their winter ventures.

Weather Flow has one small shortcoming -- it can be set to refresh itself once each hour at most, and there's no manual refresh. It's an annoyance in an otherwise powerful, customizable app that is among the best in the Windows Phone Store.

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