The Daily App: SmartMouse For Android, iOS

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The Daily App, SmartMouse

Imagine being able to swipe on your phone's screen to progress through that presentation and then transfer important files from your computer to your phone with a few buttons. Today's app is called SmartMouse, and it does just that. SmartMouse is a free multitool available on Android and iOS created by that turns your phone's touchscreen into a trackpad, file transfer station and remote desktop client.

Before you can properly use SmartMouse, you must download not only the app to your phone but also a server agent to your Windows PC (there's no Mac OS X support yet). Once SmartMouse is installed, plugging the phone into the host computer causes an image of the desktop to be streamed live to the phone's display. At this point, the phone turns into a multitouch trackpad of sorts; control of the mouse is surrendered to the phone's touchscreen. Using the phone as a trackpad proved to be easier than we anticipated: Accuracy was not an issue, and the built-in gestures worked great, even if there was a slight lag in control.

SmartMouse has an impressive feature set, particularly for a free app. If you're looking for an extra way to control your computer, or maybe just an easier way to transfer files, SmartMouse may be the best value you can find.


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