The Daily App: Teleprompter Pro For Windows 8, RT

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The Daily App, Teleprompter Pro

Whether you're making a speech from a podium or working on a podcast, having a way to easily organize and view your speech can make anyone sound like a pro. Today's Daily App -- Teleprompter Pro -- turns your Windows 8 laptop into a mobile, customizable teleprompter. Developed by utility tools maker Purple Wizard, the free-to-try Windows teleprompter app is available for Windows 8 and Windows RT, and it could be the best $2.49 ever spent on speech-giving.

Teleprompter Pro is a simple application that emulates a professional teleprompter; it offers a script editor, playback controls and a few customization settings. Text can be imported from a text file and/or created and edited with the script editor, which can then be saved as plain text. Scrolling speed, text size and colors are all configurable along with an option to mirror the text for use with reflective glass.

One word of caution: Despite its satisfying simplicity, the app lacks any kind of help function or readme text, which we learned when we were initially stumped as to how to stop the teleprompter from playing automatically. We could also find no developer website. Another concern is the indeterminable length of the trial period, and whether the trial might suddenly end mid-speech, or perhaps when the Windows Store was inaccessible. Concerns aside, we found that using a laptop as a pseudo-professional teleprompter is an incredibly intuitive idea for speech-making and recording scripted videos. Teleprompter Pro makes it easy.


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