GasBuddy For Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone 8, 7

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The Daily App, Gas Buddy

When we looked at GasBuddy for Android, Blackberry and iOS just after Superstorm Sandy last fall, it became one of the most widely viewed blog entries in recent memory. Our coverage of the useful tool was timely for blackout victims seeking the free GasBuddy Web service to find the precious juice. Now that there's a Windows Phone version, we revisited the free app so that we might delve a bit deeper into its capabilities.

The service has found a clever way not just to leverage the mobility of smartphones but also to crowdsource information about the location of the cheapest gas. To keep the database current, GasBuddy rewards those reporting prices through the app with chances to win free gas. We've been using the app for a few days now, and the reporting process creates a somewhat addictive feedback loop.

The Windows Phone version is as easily navigable as the others, and it's designed in such a way that local gas prices are only one tap away. That's smart design, given the fact that some may be inclined to open this app while (dangerously) operating a car. Delving into the options allows for customization of the grade or type of fuel users are looking for, and a map function will pin all nearby gas stations to users' navigation app. The ubiquity of the service helps things along as well. The only complaint that comes to mind is that GasBuddy could use voice command functionality. Anything that makes the app easier to use while driving is certain to go a long way.


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