The Daily App: Caynax Alarm Clock For Android

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The Daily App, CaynaxAlarmClock

Whether you're waking up or remembering when you need to leave for an appointment, alarms can do what the brain sometimes cannot. Today's Daily App combines the reliability of alarms with highly customizable features. Caynax Alarm Clock, by business-app developer Caynax, is a beautiful and option-filled alarm clock app for Android that sports a lot of advanced features without looking bloated. The app is on sale right now for $.99, but there is a free demo version that is ad supported and lacks some features.

What makes Caynax different is its "time group" feature. When setting an alarm, it allows appointments to be assigned a time group, such as for work (Monday - Friday), all (Monday - Sunday), one, timer, or cyclic. This gave us the impression that Caynax is intended as both an alarm clock and daily planner, with options like titling your alarms and timers and an every-morning alarm clock. Alarm options also include math problems and controls for advanced audio. With its gray and blue accents, the gesture-based interface lends to an attractive and smooth experience, even if it's just for setting alarms. When testing the free version, Caynax proved to be more than competent at letting us know when it was time for things.


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