Another Way Of Retaining The Relationship With Your Client

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We have partners that have huge clients. These enterprise companies are sometimes so big that carriers protect them, not allowing agents to work with them, regardless of previous history, the value the agent brings, or even when the company requests the agent's presence and participation.

In some cases, the carriers have specific teams that have worked these accounts for years. In speaking with them, we sometimes sense that team members believe that because they "control" the account, they don't need help or feel (mistakenly) that any assistance provided by others will simply add costs that would ultimately be paid for by the client.

TBI is working to change this dynamic.

We have partnered with a company to enhance agents' value to their customers and break the stranglehold of some of these carrier teams in order to offer the best, most strategic, most cost-effective technology solutions available to end users.

This vendor, which has years of telecom management experience and expertise, can help agents in a myriad of ways. They can assist in building inventory. They can manage billing. They can negotiate contracts. Most importantly, they can run an entire RFP process in half the time it takes for an end-user organization to do it alone. A big win all around -- for the customer, for the agent, as well as (interestingly enough) for the carrier that is ultimately selected to provide services.

What type of opportunities make the most sense here?

Those where the partner has a strong relationship with the customer. Where the client's business has more than 100 locations. In situations where the company's total monthly telecom spend is in excess of $50,000. In opportunities where the client has more than 100 cellphones or wireline circuits that need to be bill managed.

Although I am restricted from noting them by name, I can say that TBI has already had great success attracting logos to work with our new vendor partner. In each case, the agent has a new and powerful message to communicate to clients: "You know that RFP you thought your team was going to have to handle on its own? Well, we can handle it for you. By allowing us to manage the entire process, you will benefit from the very best carrier and product solution available, faster time to implementation, and lower costs."

What does this mean for you as an agent?  Ultimately, it keeps you in the driver's seat instead of the carriers. It is also one of the most strategic ways you can add value and support to your customers, even if the carriers or other vendors try to keep you out. Your clients will recognize quickly that not only should you have a seat at the table -- you should be setting it.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please contact TBI to learn more.

You can reach Ken Mercer at

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