10GbE To Reshape Storage, Bandwidth

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The adoption and deployment of 10GbE, which is going to be bursting on the scene rather heavily within the next six months, will change the entire landscape of how businesses address their storage and bandwidth needs.

Take NAS deployment, for example. NAS has always been a second-class cousin of SANs, especially when it came to its performance curve. Even though NAS has always been easier to deploy--because of the fact that it is Ethernet and, when installed, everything looks like an online file system--the performance issue always hindered its adoption in the enterprise.

However, once 10GbE becomes available, the performance difference once seen between the media for SAN and NAS will not matter. Solution providers then could sell the cheaper NAS boxes to the enterprise market without the performance worries or costly deployment of a SAN.

A mixture of NAS and SAN traffic will be able to co-exist on the same wire or even the same server, with the difference being negligible. The only place where the difference will be noticed--in terms of block mode or file system traffic--will be at the application level, which really will not matter.

There will be a huge convergence of block and file communications with all of the different storage vendors in the industry. As a result, the distinction between SAN and NAS--at least on the Ethernet side--will be blurred.

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