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Modernize Your Storage Portfolio With A Modern Platform

EMC designed its new Unity storage platform to combine the most modern aspects of a storage array in one device with a simple and intuitive management platform.

Nearly all of us have a gadget somewhere in our house that isn’t really as up to date as we’d like and, as a result, is sprouting cables, plug-ins and accessories so that we can jerry-rig the features that are missing. Maybe it’s a TV with an external tuner to add more channels, a wireless adapter and an Apple TV. Or maybe it’s a laptop with an external hard drive and a memory expansion kit.

Either way, it’s not just the elegance of the solution that ends up being compromised, it’s also the ease of use. It’s the half a dozen remote controls that you need to watch television or the laptop that takes ten minutes to boot up as all the add-ons initiate that make a solution too complicated. And that’s when you want a modern solution that simply works.

This is how many customers feel about their storage arrays. They have different tools for block and file. They have different interfaces to configure local storage and VMs. They have third-party plug-ins and add-ons to manage the hand-off of data to the cloud. And when they experience so much inconsistency, even the most basic administrative tasks become complicated. And, if it’s complicated for a customer, then it certainly means that the ability of reseller partners to articulate and differentiate becomes complicated too. Anything this complicated simply can’t be considered for a modern data center.

This is when you need a truly modern storage array.

EMC designed its new Unity storage platform to combine the most modern aspects of a storage array in one device with a simple and intuitive management platform. Unity’s modern flash design is based on technologies including Linux and Linux-based docker containers, the latest Intel processors, restful APIs, the newest flash drives, and HTML5. From this modern architecture base, Unity delivers a rich set of modern data services, including:

  • Incredible all-flash density and affordability
  • All-inclusive data protection and software solutions
  • Deep virtualization integrations with VMware, Microsoft and OpenStack
  • Easy paths to the cloud with CloudIQ, Proactive Assist, and integrated cloud tiering solutions
  • Compatibility with EMC data protection systems and software including Data Domain and Data Protection Suite

Unity is a fully unified midrange storage platform to handle mixed virtualized workloads and is flexibly offered with several deployment options including a virtual storage appliance (VSA), All Flash and Hybrid systems, and as part of a converged system with Vblock. This gives channel partners incredible opportunities to meet each customer’s deployment and budget requirements.

So, if you have customers who are playing a game of Jenga as they balance more and more add-ons to their storage infrastructure, have them take a look at EMC Unity.

Kristine Cornwall is Director of Channel Marketing, Core Technologies, EMC

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