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  • Ready To Start Over?
    We might just be able to live on, and possibly function even better, if we simply started over.
  • Skeptic Or True Believer?
    Truth be told, far too many companies believe they have an advantage over their rivals by simple virtue of what they have lying around.
  • Where's My AIM?
    Will IM outages force us to pay for this now-indispensable service? Maybe, but it better work!
  • Have You Hurd?
    We don't know much about the new Hewlett-Packard CEO, but one thing's for sure: He isn't Carly Fiorina.
  • Hurd On The Street
    Blogs are showing a mixed reaction to HP's pick of Mark Hurd as its new CEO. The upshot: Hurd is fine, but someone with a more tangible strategy would be better.
  • On Digital Theft
    I walk around in mortal fear of losing my Treo, which combines my address book and other vitally important info to me (such as when I'm rehearsing with my a cappella quartet).
  • Virtual Vanguard III
    Both IBM and EMC think this is the year that storage virtualization goes mainstream, and both companies agree that a software-centric approach to storage virtualization is going to be key.
  • Uplifting News From CDW
    I was impressed by CDW's disclosure last week that it will send 10 of its employees to Thailand in July with Habitat for Humanity's Global Village division
  • Bill's Most Excellent Adventure
    Hold the presses. Bill Gates had another one of his patented Think Weeks. Stand back and wait for the epiphanies to roll forth.