BlackBerry Storm On The Horizon

BlackBerry Thunder

Widely popular gadget blog The Boy Genius Report posted Verizon Wireless' list of talking points.

Originally, Verizon was supposed to spill the beans about the BlackBerry Storm on Monday, but so far there has been no additional word on pricing or availability.

If the leaked sheet is legit, however, the Storm will offer an "innovative 'click' touch screen for smooth, precise text input" that RIM says "feels like a keyboard." The spec sheet also boasts that the Storm features "RIM's highest resolution screen ever."

The Storm, the sheet indicates, will offer quad-band connectivity in more than 195 worldwide locations; full HTML browsing; a 3.2 megapixel camera with video; visual voicemail; VZ Navigator capabilities; and integration with BlackBerry's corporate business messaging platforms.

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Word of the BlackBerry Storm comes as BlackBerry and AT&T suffer continual delays getting the BlackBerry Bold 9000 into the U.S. Already released in a host of other countries, the Bold has become the be-all end-all for many BlackBerry loyalists, earning positive reviews that have some boasting it's the best smart phone in BlackBerry's 10-year history.

Rumors of the BlackBerry Storm started earlier this year with many calling it BlackBerry's official answer to the Apple iPhone and a potential iPhone killer. BlackBerry has remained tight-lipped. At one point, a blurry photo of what was being called the BlackBerry Thunder was leaked by a company that called itself Horizon Wireless, but those images were quickly taken down.