BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Bold Release Dates Leaked

Andrew R. Hickey
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According to the presentation, Research In Motion (RIM) Ltd.'s oft-delayed BlackBerry Bold 9000, which has hit snags and gone back for another round of testing to ensure it works correctly with AT&T's 3G wireless network, will be available in Best Buy Mobile stores, the mobile device wing in all Best Buy retail locations, on October 26. Software issues have plagued the Bold with delays since it was announced in May, continually pushing back its expected release date, which was originally slated for sometime in the summer.

The presentation also indicates that a few weeks later BlackBerry's first ever touch screen smart phone, the BlackBerry Storm, will be available through Best Buy. The release date is pegged for November 16.

The announcements of both devices created a massive stir in the smart phone buying market, with the Bold targeting high-end users, while the Storm, BlackBerry's answer to other recent touch-screen titans like the Google Android-based T-Mobile G1 and the Apple iPhone 3G, is aimed at both consumers and professional smart phone users. Combined, the two devices represent the most coveted smart phones in BlackBerry's 10-year history.

Both devices operate on their carriers' high-speed 3G networks, the Bold on AT&T and the Storm on Verizon Wireless.

Along with leaking in-store dates for the Bold and the Storm, the Best Buy document indicates that the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 from T-Mobile will hit stores on October 26, despite the Pearl Flip hitting stores last week.

And the Best Buy sheet didn't just out the dates for BlackBerrys. The presentation indicated that HTC's Touch Pro will also make its in-store appearance on Oct. 26.

The leaked Best Buy document did not indicate the pricing for any of the devices.

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