OnLive Lets Gamers Cut The Console Cord

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Gamers, you may never have to worry about being tethered to a console again thanks to OnLive, which has developed a new video game service that streams games over any PC or netbook.

The Onlive service enables games to run via the company's servers, which then produce a video stream that not only produces it on PCs and netbooks but also through the company's own set-top box, according to Gizmodo.

"Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on the latest video game hardware that will make games like 'Crysis' playable at nearly maxed settings, let OnLive's servers handle the processing. All that's required is a low-cost 'micro console' or a low-end PC and a broadband internet connection," states Web site Kotaku .

According to Kotaku, 720p HD streams are possible over a 5-Mbps connection, and SD gaming only needs a 1.5-Mbps line.

So far, gaming heavyweights such as Take-Two Interactive, Electronic Arts, Atari Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive, among others, have inked agreements with OnLive.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based company unveiled the offering at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco Monday, demonstrating how the system works with 16 different games.

The company was started seven years ago by ex- Eidos CEO Mike McGarvey and Steve Perlman, the founder of WebTV. Currently, OnLive is in closed beta mode but is expected to debut sometime later this year.

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