DHS To Consolidate Software Acquisition, Cut Printing


Under the new DHS Efficiency Review initiative, unveiled by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano on Friday, the DHS is streamlining how it acquires enterprise licenses for commonly used software.

According to a report in Federal Computer Week, the move is expected to save over $47 million per year, and $283 million over the next six years.

Other initiatives include cutting cost on printing and eliminating unnecessary travel.

DHS plans to stop printing all documents that can be sent electronically or posted online, and wants to consolidate subscriptions of professional publications to cut costs and avoid duplication, the DHS said.

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The initiatives fall into six categories, including acquisition management, asset management, real property management, employee vetting and credentialing, hiring, and information technology.

In a statement on the DHS web site, Napolitano said, "This very facility is a great example of efficiency at work. I am committed to creating a new culture of efficiency at the Department of Homeland Security, and the Efficiency Review will allow us to cut costs while streamlining operations and decision-making. Over time, this will make DHS a leaner, smarter agency better equipped to protect our nation."