Apple MacBook Pro Users Complain Of Distorted Displays

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Apple MacBook Pro users are steaming over an issue related to distortion on their external large-screen displays and their perception that Apple is ignoring the issue.

Problems with display distortion, which seem to be related to Apple's Mini-DisplayPort to dual-link DVI adapter have surfaced since the unibody aluminum-made MacBook Pro was introduced, the Web site reported Wednesday.

Apple has tried to address the issue with a firmware update to the adapter, but the issues are continuing, according to MacBook Pro users on an Apple support discussion forum.

Users on another discussion thread specific to the dual-link display have complained that the updated firmware can make the problem even worse.

The distortion, complaints about which started in late December, comes in the form of an occasionally fuzzy appearance to the external screen that happens randomly. Some users report odd pixels and occasional flashes on the display as well.

Users have eliminated the monitor as the issue, as they report the problem happening with Dell, Samsung and Cinema displays. However, one MacBook Pro user reported that the problem seems to be limited to 30-inch models.

Several of the users also noted that the problem continued even after they received a replacement unit, although in some instances the problem happened less frequently than with the original unit.

Having a distortion problem, dubbed by some as the "Fuzz of Death," is one thing. Some of the users complain even more about the apparent lack of Apple support in solving the problem.

One user in Germany, "Acmee," blamed the adapter and wrote, "The next Apple adapter shipped will probably require small animals to be sacrificed at full moon in order to work."

A user in Japan, "tsumuji," wrote about the frustration of not getting an answer after five months of waiting and working with Apple. "I am also very disappointed with Apple not giving us even a clue as to when we might be able to use our once-new computers as advertised!" tsumuji wrote.

Another user, "Brad Eastman," complained about the lack of Apple quality control in relation to the display problem. "It really does make a mockery of the PC vs. Apple ads, at least from my perspective," Brad Eastman complained.

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