Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Users Clamoring For Bug Fix

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The blogosphere is burning up with Firefox 3.5 users clamoring for a bug fix release from Mozilla that is expected in the next several weeks.

"It's seriously bugged is what it is," posted Jeremy in a July 1 post on" "My Firefox load time went from a heartbeat or two to 50-60 seconds. First time, second time, didn't matter if it was pre-fetched or not. Numerous other people having the same issue as well judging from their forum.

"I've seen the same issue on both on my Vista x64 machine and my XP machine at work," added Jeremy."I downgraded both and am back to happy browsing. Hopefully Firefox 3.5.1 hits soon and resolves whatever the issue is." is reporting that Mozilla Firefox 3.5.1 is due in mid- to late July and will include fixes for at least three of 55 published bugs for the new Web browser. reports that the browser bug fixes in store for Mozilla Firefox 3.5 include crashes caused by the TraceMonkey JavaScript engine.

Mozilla has not yet decided whether Firefox 3.5.1 will be labeled as a major update or if that phrase will be reserved for version 3.5.2, according to

Mozilla is relying on the community development model to confirm and fix the bugs with its Firefox 3.5 browser.

At the Mozilla community quality assurance Web site,, a banner headline proclaims: "Firefox BugDay - Catch Missed Blocker, Critical, and Major 3.5 bugs!"

"We will try to narrow down any important bugs that were missed, or were regressions from Firefox 3.5, and get them into a point update quickly," reads a call to action on "Triage, what is it? Well, simply put, Triage is taking a bug, making sure it has enough information to reproduce, and ensuring that it is in the proper component. After that you should try to reproduce the issue. Problems that are easily reproducible (such as a crash that occurs every time you visit a certain Web site), are more valuable than those that are impossible to reproduce. If you can reproduce a bug, please add a comment to the bug or recommend in #bugday that the bug be confirmed."

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