Casio's EXILIM Packs A Punch To Knock Out Flip

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Casio's new EXILIM EX-Z450 camera offers HD video -- at a price tag that is sure to get the attention of competitors, including the popular Flip video camera.

Casio's two 12-megapixel EXILIM cameras will capture high-definition video at a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels at 24 frames per second, which is also known as 720p24. Casio has designed the cameras to compete head on with the Flip Ultra HD. The EX-Z450 will cost $199.99 and offer mechanical image stabilization; the Flip Ultra HD is also $199.99. Both the Casio and Flips cameras offer the same resolution.

The less expensive $149.99 Casio EXILIM Zoom EX-Z90 offers HD but no video stabilization. image stabilization compensates for image blurring caused by shaky hands by very slightly moving the optical sensor in the opposite direction. The EX-Z90 will compete against the Flip Ultra, which also costs $149.99, but has lower resolution of 640 x 480.

The EX-Z450 is the larger of the two cameras and offers a 4X optical zoom and 3-inch LCD; although the EX-Z90 is a more compact model, it features the same size LCD, but has a smaller 3X optical zoom.

The Casio models are poised for a U.S. debut in October in time for holiday shoppers.

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