No Apple Tablet At Sept. 9 Event?

Apple has scheduled the Sept. 9 music event, an annual occurrence since 2005, for San Francisco, most likely at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, reported All Things Digital, citing sources close to Apple.

But Mac-heads eagerly awaiting some official word of a touch-screen Apple tablet, which has been the central focus of much Apple speculation over the past several months, will have to wait a little bit longer. All Things Digital's sources are adamant that there will be no tablet talk whatsoever.

Instead, the event is expected to focus mostly on Apple iPod upgrades and updates to its widely popular iTunes software. So far, rumors suggest that Apple is readying a third-generation iPod Touch that could be unveiled at next month's event. Apple is also expected to unveil social networking capabilities for Apple iTunes.

The expected lack of tablet touting also likely means that Apple's rumored "Cocktail" album-based music service won't get any airtime at the Sept. 9 event, considering that Cocktail is widely believed to be exclusive to the rumored Apple tablet.

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The September event is usually Apple's final product launch of the year, to get the gadget-hungry masses geared up for the holiday shopping season. Typically, the event features new additions to Apple's iPod family and refreshes of iPod hardware and iTunes software. If the tablet is not featured come Sept. 9, that means Apple's tablet will likely not become a reality until 2010.

So far, it's unclear if Apple CEO Steve Jobs will preside over the event, though All Things Digital highlighted rumors that Sept. 9 could mark Jobs' official return to the Apple stage since he returned from medical leave earlier this year, though its sources could not confirm that Jobs will be on hand.