A Dell Services Story Without A Happy Ending

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The usually mild-mannered Jeff Jarvis (profanity warning) is having a big problem with Dell, a Dell laptop and Dell customer service:

The machine is a lemon, and the service is a lie.

And that's the part that can be quoted in a family publication. The upshot: His on-site Dell customer service representative, which he paid for up front, couldn't fix his laptop on-site.

Dell doesn't publicly differentiate between its Dell-badged service employees and its contract reps, so it's hard to know who did what here. But if you read the comments on Jarvis' posting, Dell's problems--at least based on the anecdotal information--seem to run deep.

I mentioned earlier this week that Dell was on a billion-dollar-a-month run rate with its services. But it's stories like Jarvis' that may well be keeping Dell from hitting the $10 billion-a-year run rate for services revenue that Michael Dell has promised.

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