Google Ups GMail to 4 GB of Storage

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Google, in a race with rivals like Microsoft and Yahoo to keep eyeballs focused on its properties, has increased the storage of its GMail service to about 4 GB.

Tech Debug noticed this, and reported:

This is close to a doubling of the email capacity for normal accounts. I'm not sure if this applies to all users, or gets applied progressively, but it is a fantastic number to see at the bottom of your inbox.

Competition in the web mail space is becoming fierce and, at times, personal. Yahoo just completed a major overhaul of its free and pay mail services to add drag-and-drop capabilities and a user interface that resembles many corporate email clients or Outlook. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently remarked of Google that "they read your mail and we don't," referring to Google's practice of having bots scan email in its effort to match up advertising with each user.

The additional free storage began appearing over the last few days (my Gmail account shows a 3.9 GB capacity.)

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