How Do You Pronounce 'Linux?'

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Whether it's the "Year of the Linux Desktop" is up for debate.

Whether Linux will eat into Windows market share is up for debate.

Whether Linux has enough driver support is up for debate.

What's not up for debate? How you pronounce the word, "Linux," is not up for debate.

SpikeSource developer Vinay Srini pointed recently to this citation complete with an audio clip of Linux father Linus Torvalds' own pronunciation.

"I pronounce Linux as Linux!" he says. (Exclamation point included in original.)

Next up: How about an audio guide from Mark Shuttleworth, who runs Ubuntu Linux distribution organization Canonical, on how to pronounce "Ubuntu?" Is it "oooh-buntu," or is it "you-buntu?" And while we're on the subject, is "SUSE" pronounced "soo-sah," "soo-see" or "soose?"

SpikeSource, by the way, recently saw its SuiteTwo collaboration software included in Gartner Group's "Magic Quadrant" for Team Collaboration and Social Software. SpikeSource is the open source solutions company run by Kim Polese, the former Sun Microsystems developer and founder of Marimba.

Which might remind you of the movie "Shattered Glass," a film that depicts Forbes Digital's unmasking of lying journalist Stephen Glass. In that film, there's a scene where one Forbes reporter reminds another that he's on deadline in filing a story on Kim Polese -- which, in the movie, was pronounced "Police."

That, though, is an entirely different discussion.

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